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Marca’s reed making knowledge :

We ensure the maximum quality for the finished product…

The musician who opens his box of reeds finds them wrapped « nice and warm » laid out in an orderly fashion, can hardly imagine the difficulties that had to be overcome during the course of their manufacture.

Therefore, we want to try and present the manufacturing process of a reed. Not everything can be summed up in a few line, and point of view may differ, but these are always welcome since it is th only way to learn and to progress.
Yhis is complicated craft, in which the first worker in the process is nature itself, which seasonally produces the cane.Cutting of the cane is done in winter. The worker who do the cutting are faced with adverse weather, and their task is tiring and difficult

The manufacture of the reed requires great precision so as to ensure the maximum quality for the finished product.Following an interwship at our company, a young worker told us :

« As a reed instrument player, I will in future have so much more respect for this small piece of cane, for I now know of the many hours of work which are required to give it the quality that we musicians need so much ! »…

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